About the Harford County Trauma Institute



The Harford County Trauma Institute's goal is to increase knowledge regarding the impact of the trauma of abuse and neglect on our community's children and families, in order to enhance the skills of foster parents, professionals, and any others who care and serve children in the community. This ultimately translates into improved functioning and adjustment of our children and more opportunities/access to evidenced-based treatment when maltreatment and neglect occur. Harford County's Trauma Institute strives to make Harford County a trauma-informed community through the development of partnerships and collaboration between public and private sector business' and agencies.




Registration opens on Octber 5, 2020

Cost: $30

Student Cost: $15

*Social Workers, Professional Counselors and Psychologists will receive 3 CEU'S*

We are excited to offer a VIRTUAL conference for 2020 

November 6, 2020 

Via Zoom


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